Custom Software

Featured: BCx Insurance

BCx, needed a way to manage contacts, member blood centers, and process insurance policy applications. This system needed to be purpose-built, lightweight, and secure. Built on ASP.NET Core Web API with an Angular front-end, this application can not only satisfy the needs of BCx and their members, but with a mobile-first design philosophy with Google's Material Design guidelines, it is easily accessible from a smartphone or tablet.

iOS/Android App

We will custom build native iOS and Android apps that will keep your customers engaged. Features such as push notifications, location services, and biometric authentication are included.

Web App

Custom web-based applications that can be accessed from nearly any computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you don't need a fully native mobile solution, a web app may be the way to go.

API Development

Custom built APIs that do exactly what you need them to. We specialize in ASP.NET Core but can build on nearly any platform you need.

API Hosting

We will host your APIs, whether we built them or not, on our secure servers. Whether you need Windows or Linux, we've got your API hosting covered.

It's all about you

Each application that we build is based around what it is that you, our client, want. We follow the mobile-first design philosophy, which means your web apps will work on most tablets and smartphones in addition to computers. We target the versions of iOS and Android that will reach the most users, not necessarily the most current OS release.

And of course at the end of each project, you get the full source code to use, without restriction. You paid for it, you get to keep it.